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Well here it is.. 2017..another year. We all come to the point where we have to ask ourselves….where was I this time last year?

What goals did you set to do in 2016? Did you achieve them? Did you work on creating new, better habits in your life? Or are you in the same position as you were a year ago?

Sprouted Health took on the new challenge at the start of 2016 to help educate, inspire and motivate healthy change. Our goal was to bring sprouted health into your homes. Giving you access to affordable, organic meals. Reflecting back, we have had an amazing journey, and have grown into a local business that now is on a mission to help you create new habits around your health and nutrition that will be sustainable throughout 2017!

Sprouted Health is about bringing real, honest food to your home! Food brings many experiences, journeys and memories – it is a part of every person’s life and should be something that is loved and valued. Sprouted Health is so passionate about sharing this feeling and educating others on how food is nourishment, brings health and can be enjoyed no matter the circumstance.

Whole foods as a philosophy appreciates that nourishment begins in rich and healthy soil, eating food in its most natural state, prepared for optimal digestion, while still holding its integrity to nourish, replenish and heal. We create meals that encourage organic, whole, real foods which is simply real, living food made to heal, nourish and energise you. Every meal is nutritionally designed to provide you with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that are key to energy, weight loss and health!

Sprouted Health challenges you this year to make your health priority. Give your body the love and nutrition is deserves by fuelling it with proper food all year round. You don’t have to go 100% guns blazing, straight out of the gate. Commit to small changes that are sustainable and are going to help you change your life. It is only through small changes that you will see your health goals in 2017 achieved.

So here you go…. Sprouted Health could be your first change in the new year that will help you achieve your goals! No matter what they are:

  • Weight loss
  • Gain more time during the week
  • Invest in my body
  • Stress less
  • Focus on business
  • Understand nutrition

YES! Our meals are convenient…but we are about more than convenience… HEALTH is more than convenience, health is an investment.

To learn more about Sprouted Health please head to our website www.sproutedhealth.org you can order our meals or book an initial consult with our nutritionist Brooke Richardson to start working towards your 2017 goals.

Name: Brooke Richardson

Profession:BSc Nutrition Science, Strength Coach & CISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist

Company: Sprouted Health

Facebook: sproutedhealth

Instagram: sproutedhealth

I am a qualified Nutritionist, certified Strength and Conditioning coach and the founder of Sprouted Health.

I have been working in the health industry for the past three years, continuing to develop my knowledge. As a qualified nutritionist I have a sound understanding of nutrition and the body, however, working with people and helping people achieve health is something completely different.

I have grown to understand what inhibits health in people and have developed protocols to help change these habits.

Sprouted Health aims to eliminate the barriers of time, motivation, enjoyment, quick fixes and fear around nutrition and provide lasting health!

I aim to treat not just the physical aspect of health, but encompassing the mental, emotional and spiritual side, which really does provide the holistic approach, we all need for optimal health.