Self care is not Selfish

Imagine you have had another huge day at work, you feel fried and the thought of doing it all again tomorrow is exhausting! Now imagine you have had a huge day at work and you are on your way for some you time! Does that make the prospect of tomorrow seem different? Cue City Cave and their suite of time out options just for you.

Recently I had the chance to try their float pool at their new spacious and inviting space in Paddington. From the personalised welcome message on the door when I arrive to the delicious tea at the end of my float I could not fault the experience. I had indeed had a huge day and found myself several times that day thinking oh yay I have my float later. Just knowing that time was coming made me feel happy and I hadn’t even been yet!! With benefits like 1 hour float having the same effect on the body as up to 10 hours sleep, it seems like something that is worth trying, yes?


The centre doesn’t only have float pools (instead of traditional float tanks which is great if you don’t like the idea of being enclosed in a tank), they also have infrared saunas, hot pilates and hot yoga. They have partnered with some amazing practitioners to add to their offering with everything from massage to psychology available.


If you would like to learn more about the services City Cave have to offer at their Paddington and James Street locations jump on over to their website at


If time for you is something you are craving allow me suggest you schedule it in advance. Not only so it happens but so you have something to look forward to! I have set myself a challenge to schedule one  self care activity each week until the end of October, jump over to my instagram page  to check out my version of self care and maybe grab some good self care ideas that you can try yourself to enrich your life


Much love

Kelly x

Kelly Duffy is the founder of The Produce Whole Food Pantry and Café in Ashgrove and Pilates Instructor, her passion for living a life of optimum health has driven her lifestyle and career choices to empower and educate people to experience their optimum health whatever that looks like to them.

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