Resolving Resolutions

Let’s face it — New Years resolutions are one of those feel good things that sound amazing until you try to ‘do’ them. It made me stop and think for a while, why do we wait for one night to decide on one or two things that we kinda, sorta want to stop doing, (or start doing) subconsciously knowing full well we’re not really committed to following through with them anyway. At this point I, like many, begin asking myself should I even bother to make a 2017 NYR?

I’m sure this sounds familiar to you. You’ve had a few drinks on the big night and set the ‘resolution’. It feels great, sounds great, and the outcome looks amazing in your mind. You can visualize yourself in the gym every morning before the kids wake. The first two weeks usually go along beautifully, but by February most of us are scrambling to keep up with the regime. And by the time twelve months has passed most of us are back where we started, if not even further behind, shying away from even mentioning we ever set the tasks! By now you will have realised I like to know the reasoning behind everything, I’m an analyst without a doubt, and this topic is no different. So, WHY? Why don’t we keep our NYR, follow through with them, and live to celebrate the success?

I started doing little bit of factual research – which 313FIT has taken next level with you all. Follow his theory, it comes from a man (lol), and is spot on, but I’ll give it some womanly back up and support. Recent research by a group of psychologists into the execution of new years resolutions refers to them as a form of “cultural procrastination,” an effort to reinvent oneself. A way to feel momentarily motivated, productive and alive. The outcomes showed that looking and feeling motivated was the top reason people make resolutions however a mere eight percent follow through with these goals. Eight percent, WOW!

It’s time to get honest with ourselves, where are your goals really derived from? Too often, resolutions are decided upon by looking at other peoples expectations or by reading a magazine that tells you how to ‘get fit by summer’, not by what we really want. You may think that if you lose weight, or reduce your debts, or exercise more, your entire life will change, and when it doesn’t, you may get discouraged and then you revert back to old behaviours. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, all of us have. Then we try to convince ourselves that we set the bar too high in the first place. So…. It’s time to make them about you! Not hubby, the kids, the girls at work, the neighbour or social media influences…. YOU!

Look no further – Chris from 313FIT & Laura from Nourished have set the perfect platform for you to achieve greatness in 2017. Greatness for yourself! These guys have some fantastic ideas and are also super approachable. I follow both of their social media accounts along with the Produces’ religiously. It’s these types of things that help us to surround ourselves with expert advice, friendly support and fantastic ideas. Time is precious and health is priceless, jump onboard kicking the year off with these guys by your side and you will be well on the way to featuring in the eight percent, I promise you that!

So here are my hot tips as a ‘Busy Working Mum’ (if I can claim that title) for setting NYR for yourself this year. Head into the Produce Store, pull up a black stool and get creative… your life, is what YOU make it. I’ll see you there.

  1. Set aside the time to think about what the ‘RESOLUTION’ means to you? Reflect on its importance to you. Or it’s importance to others in your life?
  1. Surround yourself with people like 313FIT, Nourished and the Produce bulk foods – these guys are the specialists on how we actually sustain these ‘changes’ in our lives. Remember we are not the experts in most of the things we are trying to achieve.
  1. Be mindful. Become physically, emotionally and mentally aware of your inner state as each external event happens, moment-by-moment, rather than living in the past or future.

Now go get em!! Have a wonderful end to 2016, thanks for reading – we are privileged to share our thoughts with you all each month. Bring on 2017, filled with self derived NYR’s!!


Name: Laura Skirrow

From: EmpowerMums

Occupation: Clinical Nurse, Wife, Mum, writer and motivator

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I’m Laura Skirrow and I am a Clinical Nurse, Transplant Coordinator, wife, ‘writer’ and ‘words’ enthusiast and a ‘Mum’ to a beautiful little boy. I have a reasonably newfound passion to empower women to maintain their self-identity, physical and mental health, and overall lifestyle balance during the motherhood journey. Like many, progressing through the transition from independent career woman, to ‘Mum’ presented its challenges to say the least. For me, balance with a baby came by coupling my existing passions of self-growth, words, people and my career with my newfound love of health and fitness. It’s beautiful, and as a result I seek to share it with the masses of other women sharing this path.