Proving Priceless Principles

With your taste buds aligned with Tumeric lattes, your glutes with a regular burn, and your alarm clock with the sunrise, it’s time to get your Visa aligned with the value of Optimal Living. I’ve done some research and I want to talk about the ‘affordability’ of the ‘priceless’ investment in your health. Yes, the affordability of a priceless commodity; your wellbeing. I know, priceless and affordable shouldn’t be used in the same sentence, and here lies the problem most face when plunging the scoop deep into the libido boosting Maca powder, or pressing send on the enquiry to a trainer or coach seeking accountability. Unfortunately the ‘unaffordability’ of these ‘luxuries’ is too often responsible for their absence on your monthly statement. Their value too costly, their commitment too optionally, yet their purpose, priceless. This was certainly the case for me, if not you. However, what wasn’t absent on my monthly statement was my indulgence in ‘retail wellness’.

From monthly hair treatments, manis & pedis while sipping a double shot Starbucks, a new dress for every occasion, which in hindsight was not because I had a dramatic overnight shift in style, but rather a steady increase in size. This was before children. Let’s add in school fees, extra curricula’s, never ending supermarket stops and more fuel refills than Brisbane’s busiest Uber driver, the statement is fast running out of space for the perceived ‘luxuries’ of Optimal Living. I’m not sure 313FIT or Nourished will deem my next spa visit or Shiraz a ‘must have’, yet we rate them all far more affordable than some of our most basic needs.

So, with the abstract suggesting Optimal Living is often seen as something only the ‘richer’ can afford, it was time for me to conduct a trial. What would happen if we were to put aside all the hard earned dollars we spend on the ‘nice to haves ‘over the next twelve months and invested them in that priceless commodity I spoke of earlier; your health?  Working in an industry driven by evidenced based choices, it didn’t surprise me that I was out to prove to myself the hypothesis that investing in my health really was ‘priceless’. Guess what, I did it and I’m here to share the findings.

The data showed that by replacing those moments sat with a roll of alfoil attached to my head with a ‘semi’ to cover the greys; daily supermarket visits with smart bulk food choices from the team at The Produce; UV lights and acetone fumes with ‘at home shellac’, and continual restocking of a ‘larger’ wardrobe with the therapy of gym membership, one’s life will take a significant turn. I’m living proof. Okay, maybe my hair could be a little shinier, or my nails a little neater but I can proudly shout from the rooftops that investing in your health will bring greater pleasure to your life, than any of the ‘nice to haves’ that 313FIT refers to.

Investing the dollars in our health to consume clean foods, exercise, a life coach, or gym membership are not luxuries. They are part of our basic human needs, and when priortised in our lives as they should be they bring value beyond words to not only ourselves but our nearest and dearest.


Name: Laura Skirrow

From: EmpowerMums

Occupation: Clinical Nurse, Wife, Mum, writer and motivator

Facebook: Laura Skirrow/empowerMums

Instagram: em.empowermums

I’m Laura Skirrow and I am a Clinical Nurse, Transplant Coordinator, wife, ‘writer’ and ‘words’ enthusiast and a ‘Mum’ to a beautiful little boy. I have a reasonably newfound passion to empower women to maintain their self-identity, physical and mental health, and overall lifestyle balance during the motherhood journey. Like many, progressing through the transition from independent career woman, to ‘Mum’ presented its challenges to say the least. For me, balance with a baby came by coupling my existing passions of self-growth, words, people and my career with my newfound love of health and fitness. It’s beautiful, and as a result I seek to share it with the masses of other women sharing this path.