Preparing for the Bunnies


Easter time is upon us and it’s also approaching a run of public holidays which usually means lots of socialising. Which is a great way to spend our time there is no doubt, however, how do we make sure it doesn’t become a string of blow out after blow out? During this time a lot of people have time off, there are school holidays and gatherings and chocolate are abundant. We can end up out of routine and out of control.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and before we know it we have had a box of Easter Eggs, half a pack of hot cross buns and we feel like our stomach feels so weighed down we need a nap! We have all been there (I know I have!!), and that is ok, as long as we learn from it. For me something that really helps leading up to times like this throughout the year (because let’s face it, this situation is not unique to Easter), is focusing on my priorities around health and wellbeing leading up to the celebration time. What that does for me is remind me what is important to me and naturally I am less inclined to go overboard when the time comes.


As we have discussed on many occasions and Chris from 313Fit and Laura from EmpowerMums both place high priority on, preparation is key. Why not spend 10 minutes making your own raw chocolate, we have an amazing recipe on our facebook page for you to try and make your own. Then you know what is in it and you don’t have to feel so guilty. Another thing I find that works really well is taking one of those beloved recipes that we know aren’t so good for us and making simple changes like swapping flour and sweetener to less refined options – so simple yet it makes those classics that we love something we can still enjoy and feel ok about it! It also helps to have a stash of amazing recipes that a clever kitchen whizz has already done all the thinking for us.


That is why we have partnered with a select group of amazing local ladies who are kindly sharing their knowledge with us. So watch our social media for more recipes like the fantastic Hot Cross Bun recipe that Casey-Lee from Live Love Nourish has shared.


It may be a season of festivities but that does not mean we can not do it on our own terms, so let’s all find a way to make it work for us, because after all we are the ones who need to clean up the mess if we don’t.


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I’m Kelly Duffy, Founder of The Produce Bulk Foods. I’m passionate about creating a hub to assist people to reach their healthiest version of themselves, whatever that looks like for them. My journey personally coupled with the learnings I’ve gained in the fitness and disability industries have brought me to where I am today and saw the birth of The Produce Bulk Foods.

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