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Protein, we know it is an essential macronutrient, which helps us build and maintain lean muscle mass, provide us with energy BUT when it comes to the timing of intake, the type of protein and food combining is a story not many people have heard about.

The great debate about meat will always arise when talking about protein, with those who preach veganism is the golden key and those who argue otherwise. If there is one thing I can leave with you it would be nutrition is DIFFERENT for every individual.

Personally, I believe some people NEED meat in their diet, their body craves it for specific reasons due to their genetics and lifestyle and then there are others who feel their best following a plant based diet and that’s me.

So what the most nutrient dense sources of protein to consume?

Animal sources

Meat (chicken breast + chicken thigh), beef (eye fillet), lamb loin, pork loin & steaks, salmon, snapper, barramundi, trout, sardines, tuna

Plant sources

Brown rice/pea protein powder, nuts + seeds, legumes

What does ‘food combining’ mean?

Correct food combing is referred to the term Trophology. When looking at Trophology for protein consumption remember this simple rule.

AVOID combining your protein with carbohydrates.

Why? Protein is classified as an acid and carbohydrates a base, therefore acid + base when combined in the stomach = halt in your digestion resulting in your stomach environment looking like sugar in a gas tank.

If an acid and a base are combined together in the stomach, digestion screeches to a halt, foods & chemicals combine and become sludge in your system where now they can sit and ferment for days just like adding sugar to a gas tank.

However, there is 1 exception to the rule…

Do NOT consume red meat (beef & lamb) with a carbohydrate or starch.

However, you CAN consume white meats (Chicken Pork and Fish) with carbohydrates or starches, however when doing so favour whole grain varieties.

I know we are thrown in so many directions when it comes to health, leaving us spinning in circles and daunted about where to start. Below I have developed three simple steps to get you started.

Step 1

Understand that addressing your gut ‘environment’ is the first essential step.

Why? In order to allow your body to efficiently break down and absorb nutrients effectively and efficiently, your gut needs to be working in tip top condition.

How do you achieve this? Firstly you need to increase your hydrochloride acid (stomach acid) this can be achieved through drinking the juice of a lemon or a dash organic apple cider vinegar (containing the ‘mother’) in room temperate water before meals (ideally 30mins) to achieve optimal benefits.

Step 2

Increasing your protein intake means you MUST also increase your water consumption.

Personally I find consuming a glass of water upon waking, one before and after meals, and continual sipping throughout the day works best for me. Ensure when you drink water you sip and not scull which has the tendency to cause a stress response to the body.

If you struggle to drink water, try adding fresh mint and fruit to your mix. My favourite combinations include;

Passionfruit + mint

Orange + ginger + cucumber

Grapefruit + blueberries

Peach + rosemary + ginger

If your looking for more inspiration, drop by the store to enjoy our daily water mixes.

Step 3

Change your mindset when it comes to sources of protein. Try brown rice and pea protein instead of always resorting to whey based mixtures. Embrace MEAT FREE MONDAY and opt for vegan burrito bowls, frittatas or zucchini and haloumi fritters.

Stay tuned for my favourite HIGH protein, low carb and nutrient dense recipes on our social media pages across November.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge about the role and importance of nutrition head on over to my favourite podcasts delivered by Matt and Jeff founders of ATP Science http://atpscience.com

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