Our Relationship with our “Second Brain” 

We all know the feeling, it’s been a big day/week/year and we just need a little something sweet to get us through. We may not do that consciously but most of us do it at some point, some of us more than others. Emotional eating is something that we may not recognise as one of our habits; I certainly didn’t until I did a workshop on it. I now know that Friday night’s home alone is the nanger zone for thinking icecream give me lots of icecream. So I make sure if I am in the situation I have healthier choices available to me, eg COYO’s amazing new organic coconut iceream range, in case I make that decision anyway. For me it’s about the why, why are we eating icecream in front of the TV – for me it’s boredom and loneliness and it doesn’t happen all the time, most of the time it’s heaven to be home alone as it’s so rare! Now that I know what I am dealing with, I can work with that.


But the connection between the stomach and the brain goes much deeper. Research suggests that the link between the brain and the stomach goes as far as the nervous system and even that the stomach and brain form at the same time in our development. The stomach’s nickname is the “second brain” so what we put in there can affect what happens in our brain! Put rubbish in there and the rubbish can affect our mood on a biological level, scientists have also found there may be a link between conditions like IBS and mental health conditions. What does that mean for you? If we look at what we put in our bodies and avoid chemicals, preservatives and processed foods where possible it will go a long way to supporting both our brains to function better. You can take it a step further and actively repair your gut by having fermented products like the amazing Buchi Kombucha we have on tap in store or sauerkraut.


I invite you to focus not only on what you put in your body, also focus on your thoughts, just take a mental note periodically throughout the day. What are the nature of my thoughts, are they positive or negative? Perhaps even take it one step further and jot it done so you can see what your pattern is. Good mental health is just as important and good physical health, in fact I believe they go hand in hand.

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I’m Kelly Duffy, Founder of The Produce Bulk Foods. I’m passionate about creating a hub to assist people to reach their healthiest version of themselves, whatever that looks like for them. My journey personally coupled with the learnings I’ve gained in the fitness and disability industries have brought me to where I am today and saw the birth of The Produce Bulk Foods.

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