The positive energy that surrounds the beginning of a new year is simply infectious, providing us with the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year just gone, assessing what was great, not so great and most importantly how we can make 2017 even better.

The way I like to channel these thoughts are by making a little note of the goals I have achieved in the year just gone and how I would like the next year to look (See below for a sample of my personal journey)


What I achieved What I would like 2017 to bring

Commenced my personal training qualifications

Completed 50% of my Bachelor of Health Science – Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine degree

Moved out of home

Establish nourished. Nutrition. Fitness. Wellness

Finish my Certificate III and IV in fitness

Finish my Bachelor of Health Science – Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine degree

Make the transition to natural beauty and cleaning products

Start now, flick to a years’ time in your diary and write what you would like to achieve most between now and then. Now flick back to a month’s time from NOW whenever NOW is for you. Write three steps you need to achieve in the next month to enable to being on track to reach your goal in one year’s time. GO! Stop wishing and start DOING.

2017 New Year’s Resolution: Make the transition to Toxic Free living, through the use of natural beauty and clean products.

Why? To balance my hormones, nervous system and improve my GUT health which directly correlates with low and inconsistent energy levels, acne, sugar cravings and amenorrhea.

How I am going to achieve this? Through the guidance of Healthfully Hannah and Emmily Bank’s from Depths of Beauty.

My greatest passion is using food as medicine, especially when it comes to beauty. To get your body glowing from the inside and out, it involves investment in your time and willingness to change to allow these habits to form. You have heard it before, salmon, nuts and seeds, avocado and olive oil are fabulous foods to eat for glowing skin, however I am sure most of you aren’t aware that you can make your own toothpaste, face masks, glass cleaner, bath bombs and self – tanner out of ingredients sold in The Produce Bulk Foods? Across the month I will be sharing my journey and natural beauty and cleaning product recipes, to make the transition to a LOW TOXIC life.

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Name: Laura Saunders

Profession: Director

Company: NOURISHED. Nutrition. Fitness. Wellness

Facebook: nourishednfw

Instagram: nourished_n.f.w

Laura began NOURISHED. N.F.W to love life; Continue a process of self-discovery; and unite like-minded women to live by the maxim: “a community of women who acknowledge another woman’s beauty, without questioning their own”.

Laura’s own health journey has been long and tortuous, she is able help and assist no matter what health, fitness or wellness goals you may have. Laura says: “After experiencing my own battles with health along the way, I can honestly say I have tried EVERYTHING from low carb high fat to vegetarian diet, CrossFit to Bikram Yoga, and finally Acupuncture to Hard Core Spartan Training

As a direct result, Laura knows know first- hand how it feels to be constantly tired, having poor self- esteem in regards to body image and an extremely negative outlook on life.