I want you to make a list of all your ‘nice to haves’. You know the ones…the 10mL, $99 oil of calamari night cleansing rejuvenation cream. The nice shiraz, that dress, those shoes, this ipad/pod/phone etc. Anything that costs $ over and above the basic food staples and living expenses. Done that? Great. Now what if I said you probably missed 50% of your expenses? You’re still thinking chicken breast and $300 rent per week is basic, it’s not. Bulk rice, potato, carrot, spinach and chicken necks while living with our parents is basic. But no one WANTS that. We want to live in our own place, in a nice suburb and surf the internet while eating our 200g Porterhouse in a red wine jus.

The point I’m trying to make, is that we live in the best country, in the most abundant time in history. If you’ve got the means and ability to read this newsletter, then you are better off than 99% of the world and that contrary to popular belief more than 90% of your income is funnelled towards ‘NTHs’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the same bucket. I don’t live basic by any stretch of the imagination. As much as she and I might like to think so, a large Banana Bounce with protein and linseed isn’t a staple food item…sorry Kel! ‘NTHs’ keep us social, they keep us sane and they do bring much joy into our lives. You just need to decide if your ‘NTHs’ are hurting or helping. Are they and instant gratification or a healthy addition?

Eating ‘healthy’ and investing in fitness tend to viewed as unnecessary and expensive. We don’t do it because “we just can’t afford it….right now”. Our ‘JCAs’ get pushed to the bottom of the pile in times of scarcity. But we don’t live in scarcity, it’s just a convenient excuse that you are telling the world, simply because you have prioritized your life in such a way that you live a comfortable, simple, groundhog day existence.

If we were all farmers, growing our own crops and working in the fields all day, then buying organic and signing up to a gym membership would easily be considered unnecessary. But unless this newsletter is gaining more widespread attraction than we had hoped, you aren’t. We’re sitting at the kitchen table, before sitting in the car or bus, before sitting at our desk, before sitting in the car or bus before sitting in front of the TV eating a burrito before going to bed….rinse and repeat.

What would happen if you went to the doctor for a check, they did some tests and the results came back that you were going to die in 6 months. That is, unless you only ate organic, Australian made meat and vege and hired a trainer to train you at least 3 days per week? Could you afford it then? I bet on your skills, ability and motivation you could!

But you don’t want to exercise all day and eat rabbit food, I know, me neither. If you’ve ever tried a Super Warrior or Acai Bowl, you would know that nourishing your body doesn’t mean eating bland. You don’t need and shouldn’t be exercising for hours on end. The shorter, more intense the workout, the better. Supplement this with non-exercise movement like playing with the kids, taking the dog for a walk, getting off the bus one stop early or walking to the shops. Boom, easy as ABC.

So that’s how, but why would you begin to invest in better food and exercise? Get out that pen and paper again and write down why you think investing in your health will benefit you. Sounds silly right? Do you want more energy? More confidence? More control? An excuse to move those Lorna Jane’s from the ‘NTHs’ over to the basics? So there you have it, the ‘Whys’. So have you got your sneakers on yet? Or are you missing something? We usually are missing something that can’t explained or taught in a blog. Luckily The Produce is going to bring it to you in a special Optimal Living Workshop presented by 313FIT & empowerMums as part of our birthday celebrations on September 3rd…so keep your eyes and ears peeled online and in store for more info!

Name: Chris Zerbe

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My name is Chris Zerbe and I am the founder of 313FIT & 313 Optimal Living. We provide Health & Success Coaching to individuals and businesses in the local Ashgrove area. Previous to my coaching career I spent 8 years the corporate environment before moving into my passion to inspire others to lead happier, healthier and more successful lives. It is my absolute pleasure to be able to contribute to The Produce community and I hope I can help guide you to a better you.