Warmer days, brighter mornings, bring on the holidays. Normally I would suggest that you might struggle with ideas on how to make your travelling plans not interrupt your health, but now that we’re all chock full of tips from Laura @nourished we have no excuses!

So let’s now put some of those fitness tips into a simple and practical routine that won’t cost you valuable tanning time!

Contrary to popular belief, we can still manage to do some regular exercise movements using just our own body weight or the travel bag that we brought along and all in the confines of our holiday unit, if for some reason you don’t wish to enjoy the outdoors… There are so many variations of bodyweight exercises that you can do, but here’s just one workout suggestion that is sure to leave you with them workout feels!


Stationery lunges x 45secs (Swapping legs each time)

Sit ups x 45secs

Bodyweight squats x 45secs (or holding bag as in pic)

Pushups x 45secs (on toes if you can, otherwise knees is a good variation)

Plank hold x 45secs (can also be performed on knees)

Wallsit x 45secs

Do all exercises back-to-back with no rest then once complete rest 90 seconds and repeat twice more



                                                                                      Sit ups




                                                                            Push ups (knees)


                                                                            Push ups (toes)




                                                                                    Wall sit


So there you have it. The simplest of workouts sure to get you feeling the burn in less than 18 minutes! Tack that on to your park runs, beach walks and surf swims and you’re set for an active an enjoyable vacation.

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