The produce is turning one! Fifty-two weeks of serving us ‘Ashgrovians’ with bulk goods, beautiful coffee and gorgeous smiles day in day out. For me personally, this means celebrating the consumption of at least 52 Coconut Milk Cappuccinos… bring on the next twelve months I say. Thanks to Laura from Nourished and Chris from 313FIT for filling our suitcases out with the essentials needed maintain a basic exercise routine while on the road and tips to ensure the zipper on the suitcase is the only one under threat of not doing up as the spring holiday season approaches.

This month, I wanted to quickly make sure you had the PRODUCE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION on your calendar… it’s in 48 hours time and it’s going to be a day you don’t want to miss being a part of. Kelly’s collaborated with some of her fantastic suppliers to bring us an array of demonstrations and exhibits from a Local Holistic Chiropractor, to Bamboo Toothbrushes from Charles and Olivia dedicated to raising funds for African school children and samples from the team at  The Unrefined Granola. The Produce team themselves will be offering tours of the store, educating the locals on what lies deep at the base of all those white buckets, and more importantly how on earth to use it all in your everyday life.

Now if that’s not enough to tempt your taste buds, in the afternoon, I’ll be teaming up with one of the Produce News’s fellow enthusiast, Chris from 313FIT to deliver an OPTIMAL LIVING Workshop for the Women of Brisbane. We are passionate beyond explanation about empowering women to maintain and priorities their own wellbeing and identity while wearing the many caps we do as women. We’ve tried and tested the tools used to create success and happiness in our own lives and we want to share it with you. We’ve put together an interactive workshop, to give you little taste of just how wonderful your life can be, with the right mindset, knowledge and network. Laura from Nourished will be providing us with some amazing refreshments throughout the afternoon, not to mention some great deals we’ll have on offer from some local businesses. So, if it’s for nothing more than 20% off all next Lorna Purchases, some delicious clean treats, or a famous Turmeric Latte, grab a friend, your sister, a colleague jump on and grab a ticket at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/optimal-living-workshop-tickets-26869578633 and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday afternoon.



Name: Laura Skirrow

From: EmpowerMums

Occupation: Clinical Nurse, Wife, Mum, writer and motivator

Facebook: Laura Skirrow/empowerMums

Instagram: em.empowermums

I’m Laura Skirrow and I am a Clinical Nurse, Transplant Coordinator, wife, ‘writer’ and ‘words’ enthusiast and a ‘Mum’ to a beautiful little boy. I have a reasonably newfound passion to empower women to maintain their self-identity, physical and mental health, and overall lifestyle balance during the motherhood journey. Like many, progressing through the transition from independent career woman, to ‘Mum’ presented its challenges to say the least. For me, balance with a baby came by coupling my existing passions of self-growth, words, people and my career with my newfound love of health and fitness. It’s beautiful, and as a result I seek to share it with the masses of other women sharing this path.