Detox Days

One twelfth of the year has passed already, that is insane! We’ve only just got through the relentless wishing of Happy New Year’s to everyone we meet and we’re straight onto Valentine’s and Easter decorations. Hopefully the Produce faithful have maintained their Goals/Resolutions through the first month because February is the month where we can really kick it into gear. January was all about setting goals and burning up willpower by fighting the temptation of New Year’s, holidays and Australia Day celebrations. But now the kids are back at school and its finally time to detox our bodies, minds and homes so that we can properly attack 2017.

We live in a 24/7 world. Our lives are a constant stream of thoughts and information. Even while we sleep data is downloading in our homes and at times it feels like the broadband speeds enter our minds too. But with the beauty of limitless information comes the feeling of overwhelm. You know that one, where the toys are everywhere in the house but the toy box. The bills are months overdue and you didn’t call your friend back yesterday as you had promised. It’s an anxiety that seeps into every facet of our day and removes our presence from the moment. It blocks our consciousness and blunts our joy as Empowermums so adequately explains. Therefore, we tend to neglect our bodies through sedentary behaviours and less than favourable eating habits. To allow the new, healthy and empowering we must retire the redundant and toxic from our lives.

This, unfortunately, is a lot easier said than done. Our habitual tendencies and inherent loss aversion, create a perfect storm for holding onto things that hold us back but keep us comfortable. However, we don’t need to think of it as ‘never again’. If we simply treat the detox as a hiatus from certain habits and aspects of our lives it gives us a sense of control. E.g. If we simply commit to not having chocolate for 2 weeks, we then have given ourselves a set time of abstinence and allowed ourselves to reintroduce it to our life if we feel it positive and necessary.

So, it’s time to make a list of all those current nutritional and movement (of lack thereof) habits. Let’s split them under 4 headings:

#1. Toxic & Not needed               #2. Uncontrolled & Needs change            #3. Empowering & doing             #4. Empowering & Not doing
e.g. Smoking                                   A block of chocolate a day                             Walking x 2 per week                   15 mins of meditation /day

List out as many things as possible under each category. If you are unsure of what should go where, think: movement, stillness, quiet, raw, organic = good, technology, loud, processed, sloth = bad. Obviously, this rule doesn’t hold for all such things but it will get you started.

Now our task is to slowly begin scaling back those in column #1, amending our behaviour around those in column #2, scaling up those things in column #3 and slowly adding in those in column #4. Notice I said “slowly”. Humans really dislike change and if we try to jump ship to quickly we will freak out and revert to original state. This won’t happen overnight but if you take it step by step you can really make huge changes and gains over a longer period.

Some great ideas for a complete physical detox would be:

  1. Sleep – Make sure you are getting enough. For most this will be around 7 hours.
  2. Hydrate – Drink lots of water. Add lemon to help digestion
  3. Exfoliate – Face and body to cleanse the body of impurities
  4. Breathe – Deep breathing helps calm us mentally and physically
  5. Exercise – start with simple easy movement before anything intense
  6. Stretching and foam rolling
  7. Raw foods – Lots of bright vegetables and berries.
  8. Herbal teas – Dandelion root, green tea, ginger and chamomile are fantastic for detoxing the body.
  9. Quiet time & meditation – 15 minutes a day for a more relaxed mind and body.

Also, for a wonderfully tasty detox smoothie checkout the wonderful recipe below from Laura @ Nourished.

If you take the time to implement a physical detox along with the mental and household ones mentioned by Empowermums, you will be set up for a wonderful 2017.

Matcha + Lime Anti-Oxidant Boost


♥ 1 TSP organic Matcha powder

♥ Handful kale

♥ ½ frozen banana

♥ ¼ lime

♥ 1 TSP cinnamon

♥ ½ TSP vanilla powder

♥ 1 TBSP pea protein powder (vanilla)

♥ ½ TBSP chia seeds


  1. Combine all ingredients into a high-speed blender for 20-40 seconds or until smooth.
  2. Pour and top with coconut, cinnamon and lime.

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