Proving Priceless Principles

Proving Priceless Principles With your taste buds aligned with Tumeric lattes, your glutes with a regular burn, and your alarm clock with the sunrise, it’s time to get your Visa aligned with the value of Optimal Living. I’ve done some research and I want to talk about the ‘affordability’ of the ‘priceless’ investment in your […]

The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen Why does the purchase of a $30 bottle of wine not seem to bother the average person, yet the thought of buying organic produce tends to be accompanied with a raised eyebrows? We seem to be confronted with ‘organic’ products everywhere we go, from make- up and cleaning products, to fresh produce. […]

‘Spiced Gold’ – The Magic of Turmeric

‘Spiced Gold’ – The Magic of Turmeric With the celebration of sport, competition and culture that is the Olympic Games fast approaching, we thought it was an appropriate time to introduce you to a spice that would surely win the gold medal for health benefits, immune fortification and many other salutary effects on your body. […]

Medicinal Man Flu Magic

Medicinal Man Flu Magic They’re fit for the real housewives of NYC to the ‘real’ households of Ashgrove, recognised for their rich ochre colour, so intense your lips will be sporting the latest shade of ‘gold’ for days to come. We’re talking about the latest winter trend to arrive at the Produce, the “Golden Milk” […]

Lights, Alarm Clock, Action

Lights, Alarm Clock, Action STOP!!! That’s right, stop everything you’re doing and taking, because I have some important news! Wait…what? Who am I? My name is Chris Zerbe and I’m Ashgrove’s local Health Coach and current Produce Store “cappuccino on coconut milk’ record holder. But enough about me, let’s get down to business. This winter […]

Grand Opening – Free Juice Day

Come down to The Produce Bulk Foods for our Grand Opening on Saturday 5 September between 9am and 4pm and receive a free juice*!

Be one of the first to enjoy our affordable and accessible organic and natural food store. Our mission is to support the community to live their healthiest life by eating organic foods and avoiding preservatives, pesticides and to have products with as little human intervention as possible so food can be as close to as nature intended.

*Limit one fresh juice per person, set juice flavour.