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Ahh Vacation

Ahh Vacation Ahh Vacation, just thinking about it evokes visions of sun, sand and cocktails and good food, accompanied by a bikini ready bod. Although a holiday brings much joy and relaxation, it can also be accompanied by Post Vacation Syndrome; ‘The state of adding on a few cheeky kilo’s, sunburnt skin, matted hair, mosquito […]


LET’S CELEBRATE The produce is turning one! Fifty-two weeks of serving us ‘Ashgrovians’ with bulk goods, beautiful coffee and gorgeous smiles day in day out. For me personally, this means celebrating the consumption of at least 52 Coconut Milk Cappuccinos… bring on the next twelve months I say. Thanks to Laura from Nourished and Chris […]


LET’S TALK TRAVELLING TACTICS! Warmer days, brighter mornings, bring on the holidays. Normally I would suggest that you might struggle with ideas on how to make your travelling plans not interrupt your health, but now that we’re all chock full of tips from Laura @nourished we have no excuses! So let’s now put some of […]

Making organic products affordable

Making organic products affordable The Produce cafe With a focus on keeping it fresh and organic, The Produce in Ashgrove is a cafe and shop for bulk food, smoothies, juices, coffee and beauty produces which are natural and organically sourced. Walking through the wide glass door and past the two black acapulco chairs at the […]


MAKING A LIST AND CHECKING IT TWICE! I want you to make a list of all your ‘nice to haves’. You know the ones…the 10mL, $99 oil of calamari night cleansing rejuvenation cream. The nice shiraz, that dress, those shoes, this ipad/pod/phone etc. Anything that costs $ over and above the basic food staples and […]