Allergies  x 3 sets of 8 reps

So there I was, a sniffling, teary mess. With the only effective remedies being copious amounts of alcohol or a spicy vindaloo!

Let’s skip back a bit and ‘Tarantino’ this. I had just completed a lovely morning run and swim at Burleigh Heads on a cool, Spring morning when I began sneezing….and sneezing. Jump forward 12 hours and the sneezing had only just subsided after eating a big meal of takeaway Indian for dinner. So far, the spice had done what half a box of Zyrtec couldn’t. Regardless of my condition, I had my friends’ wedding in 20 hours’ time and a Tikki Masala during the vows wasn’t going to wash.

The next morning the constant sneezing had returned, nevertheless I powered on and headed to a pre-wedding lunch with beverages. Not surprisingly, the alcohol also dulled the symptoms (and enhanced my dad jokes!). So there were my two options to make it through the wedding and reception intact. Luckily for me one of the options was on tap all afternoon and evening and luckily for everyone else it wasn’t the Butter chicken!

This major allergy attack has only ever happened to me on two occasions and in hindsight, the outside conditions were very similar. Nowadays, I am very aware of when I shouldn’t be hitting it hard outdoors. Amazingly, though exercise tends to set the symptoms into overdrive, it is actually a temporary reliever of symptoms, with the increased blood flow from training helping to remove allergens from your system. Though before any exercise is attempted, we need to check off a few things:

  • Always be aware of what sets your allergies off and if the current conditions are likely to do so. Dry, windy, cool or stormy conditions are high on the no-fly zone for myself.
  • Be aware of your surroundings with open fields and waterways presenting an increased risk of airborne pollens, mould and insects.
  • Make sure you have taken any prescribed medication or relievers prior to exercising.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from airborne pollen and glare.
  • Try to breathe through your nose, as it is our bodies filter to protect allergens getting into our lungs.
  • On risky days, try exercising indoors but be mindful of dust and/or pet dander which can trigger symptoms.
  • If not able to train indoors, limit exercise to activities which won’t induce heavy breathing, such as light cardio or resistance exercise.
  • When finished exercising always shower and change clothes as pollen has a nasty way of clinging to material and hair.
  • There are also a few websites and apps that can give predicted pollen levels to give you the heads up:

Implement these few tips and you’ll be right as rain to exercise through our wonderful Brisbane Springs. But if all else fails….keep a bottle of Jack and a spicy Beef Korma on standby! 🙂

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