Ahh Vacation

Ahh Vacation, just thinking about it evokes visions of sun, sand and cocktails and good food, accompanied by a bikini ready bod. Although a holiday brings much joy and relaxation, it can also be accompanied by Post Vacation Syndrome;

‘The state of adding on a few cheeky kilo’s, sunburnt skin, matted hair, mosquito bite ridden skin and low $$$ remaining in your bank account’.

It seems when we go on a holiday we seem to lose all self-control, we say YES please to a daily double scoop ice cream on the beach AND fish and chips for dinner, and if we are lucky the extent of our physical activity is walking from our car to the beach each day. Yes we are a HUMAN, holidays are meant to be filled with fun, a go with the flow and ‘treat yo self’ attitude, however it’s that everything in moderation talk again. This is where I share my top 5 tips to stay healthy and feel your best whilst on holiday.

Tip 1: Plan Plan Plan

To ensure your holiday is smooth sailing, planning is the key to success.

  • Pack your running shoes and active wear so you don’t have the excuse not to do anything physical
  • Book accommodation to be close in walking distance to the main attractions to avoid the stress which comes with finding a car park
  • Research where the local supermarket is
  • Cook from your accommodation to reduce the amount you spend on eating out
  • Bring your breakfast with you so you can get the day going quickly
  • Google of the food outlets close to where you will be spending most of your time, this way you can budget accordingly


Tip 2: Be snack savvy

Whining kids in the car? Pack snacks which won’t leave them wanting to bounce off the walls and crash as soon as you arrive. These snacks are also great to take onto the beach to keep their tummies satisfied and their mouths shut while you read and sunbake.

  • Trail Mix: Almonds + coconut flakes + sunflower seeds sultanas + dark chocolate
  • Homemade Bliss Balls
  • Homemade smoothies (banana/chocolate/berry) in reusable insulated bottles
  • Greek yoghurt + frozen berries
  • Cubes of cheese + sliced apple + fresh peanut butter
  • Carrot, cucumber and capsicum sticks
  • Homemade popcorn

Tip 3: Pack your homemade remedies

Sunburn, ear infections, insect bites and stomach bugs are all part and parcel of spending time in the sun, water, national parks and public bathrooms. To avoid these issues from ruining your trip don’t forget to pack your go to remedies.

A few of mine include

  • Alovera gel for harsh sunburn
  • Organic tea bags for ant bites
  • Cucumber for sunburnt faces
  • Natural Hand Sanitizer
  • Diluted hydrogen peroxide for ear infections


Tip 4: Get Active

Take the opportunity to try active activities that aren’t available to you at home such as; paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing lessons, horse riding, rock climbing, bush walks, runs along the beach or sunrise/sunset yoga by the ocean. This way you will still ensure you keep your body moving without consciously doing so. After all working for your ice cream and fish and chips is much more rewarding for your mind, body and soul.


Tip 5: Stress Less

Don’t allow yourself to stress while your on holiday, your there to let go of the pressures of work or daily life in general. Instead, take the opportunity to be mindful when you eat, be thankful for your surroundings and start your day with practising your meditation in nature. Personally, on holiday I like to practice by meditation on the sand while I sunbake, on a walk through the rainforest, sitting by a lake. Taking the time to practice meditation and mindfulness throughout your day reminds you to be present moment, let any of your worries go and enjoy your precious time with your loved ones.

I hope my top tips help you on your next holiday, keep your eyes peeled on The Produce Bulk Foods social media pages for my snack savvy recipes and homemade remedies in the weeks to come.

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As a direct result, Laura knows know first- hand how it feels to be constantly tired, having poor self- esteem in regards to body image and an extremely negative outlook on life.