A Solution to your Resolution

Let me guess…you want to be ‘healthier’ in 2017? Well, guess what? You won’t. As Empowermums has explained, 92% of you reading this will fold like Origami on your resolutions before the summer is out. Why? Because your resolutions list is like every other one, vague, uninspiring, unrealistic, lacking structure and with no accountability should you fail to reach them.

This is no more evident than in the ‘Fitness’ resolutions category which usually features predominantly on most people’s lists. “I want to get fitter in 2017”. Well, if you really want to, you can knock this one over on Jan 1st. Get up, do 10 push ups and 10 sit ups, go for a 20-minute walk and you’re done for the year! However, I’m guessing you want to go a little better and become ‘Empowermums’ fitter.

Maybe it’s a certain dress size or weight you wish to be. Sorry to burst your bubble again, but those can’t be helped either. These ‘symptomatic’ resolutions can also be somewhat out of our control. You can’t control what weight you are or what size you fit, but you can follow @nourished’s lead and control what you feed your body and you can control if and how much you exercise.

Notice how the girls have focused on actions rather than benefits. The benefits are their Whys, but the actions are their resolutions they can control. So, let’s change those old fitness resolutions and make them 2017 ready!

OLD = Get fitter, lose weight, tone up.

NEW = Run 2km x 3 days per week, walk the dog 5 afternoons a week, stop eating biscuits with my morning coffee.

All our NEW resolutions can and will lead to our OLD ones. Now let’s break them down into bite sized chunks so that we don’t feel overwhelmed at the task ahead. If you aren’t currently exercising and you want to run 2km x 3 days per week, that can be a big ask. So, let’s start small with something we can tackle. Let’s commit to only one 1km run in the first week. Once that is done, let’s up it to 2 x 1km runs. Keep progressing each week until you get to your goal of 3 x 2km runs and in no time, you will blow straight past your original goal.

Now that you have set your actions, it’s time to get accountable. The easiest way to achieve this is to go public with it. Tell everyone in your family and office what you are going (not trying) to achieve. Now that we are public and we have our actions let’s get inspired about what achieving our resolutions will do for us. How will we feel about ourselves when we accomplish our goals? What will it do for our image of ourselves, let alone when we have bragging rights over the 92% of others who are busy choosing between Tim Tams and Scotch Fingers!

If you want any further ideas surrounding your health goals, look no further than our Laura’s and what they have done in the past and what they have in store for 2017. I wish you all the best for 2017 and hope you continue to make The Produce an essential part of your resolution toolkit!

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My name is Chris Zerbe and I am the founder of 313FIT & 313 Optimal Living. We provide Health & Success Coaching to individuals and businesses in the local Ashgrove area. Previous to my coaching career I spent 8 years the corporate environment before moving into my passion to inspire others to lead happier, healthier and more successful lives. It is my absolute pleasure to be able to contribute to The Produce community and I hope I can help guide you to a better you.